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How to recognize and how to treat mycoplasmosis in men

Acute inflammatory disease, provoked by infectious microorganisms-mycoplasmas, is called mycoplasmosis. The symptoms and methods of treating it in men are well known to venereologists and infectious disease specialists, since the disease is very common and dangerous.

Its consequences not only disrupt the work of the genitourinary system, but can also cause infertility in the stronger sex, as well as many other serious consequences.

Causes of development

Mycoplasmosis in men develops when the bacteria Mycoplasma genitalium enters the body. In fact, these are parasites that live only in the human body and feed on the cells of the epithelium covering the urethra. These microorganisms are conditionally pathogenic: they can live in the body for a long time without manifesting themselves. Activation usually occurs when the microflora is disturbed caused by contact with other parasites: chlamydia, ureaplasmas, fungi.

The only reason why bacteria enter the body is an intimate relationship with the carrier of the infection without the use of barrier contraceptives of a vaginal or anal nature. When kissing, oral caresses or through household items, personal hygiene, mycoplasmas are not transmitted.

Manifestations of the disease

Symptoms and treatment are similar to signs of other genitourinary diseases. As soon as the patient's immunity weakens under the influence of certain factors, the activity of bacteria increases, the following manifestations occur:

weakness, weakness, apathy;

pain and discomfort when visiting the restroom;

unpleasant sensations during intimacy;

increased urge to go to the toilet, often false;

pain in the groin and sacro-lumbar spine;

redness of the urethral mucosa;

discharge from the head of the penis is yellowish.

Characteristic signs of mycoplasmosis are rashes on the penis and scrotum that itch, as well as pain in the morning in the lower abdomen and perineum. If mycoplasmas live in the genitourinary system for a long time, they affect the internal, distant organs of the reproductive system. Frequent consequences, even in the absence of vivid manifestations of the disease, are inflammation of the prostate gland and the components of the scrotum köpa amoxil.

It is very important to seek medical help at the first manifestations of the disease. Only a specialist will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis based on the examination and examination, and prescribe effective drugs that can cope with the disease.

Features of therapy and diagnosis

The choice of the diagnostic method in men depends on the brightness of the symptoms of the disease. If they are pronounced and the doctor does not doubt the preliminary diagnosis, bacteriological seeding will be required. In the case of a blurred clinical picture, additional tests may be needed.

Thus, venous blood sampling for immunological examination helps to identify antibodies produced by the protective system to bacteria. The disadvantage of the analysis is low accuracy - about 70%. A more effective method is considered to be the differentiation of one type of bacteria from other representatives of harmful microflora. In addition to establishing the presence of mycoplasmas, this study will help to identify other concomitant ailments: ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, thrush, etc. To choose the right treatment, it is necessary to establish the type of pathogenic bacteria and their sensitivity to certain groups of drugs.

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